Game time! The Super Bowl of booze, what to do with Fritos and more

Lex Cannon

The battle of the booze: Predicting the big game outcome through liquor

The Booze: Leopold Bros. Georgia Peach Flavored Whiskey (Denver, $37 at Total Wine) vs. Batch 206 Distillery See 7 Stars Moonshine (Seattle, $22 at Total Wine)

The Battle: One of football’s greatest-ever offenses vs. one of the best defenses. This year’s Denver vs. Seattle Superbowl has us reaching for a strong drink. So why not settle the contest in a glass?

Denver’s offering, Georgia Peach Flavored Whiskey from Leopold Bros., goes down smooth at 30 proof—perhaps a bit too smooth. The fruit is forward to an almost overpowering degree, making it much more of a liqueur than a whiskey. Purists may be put off, but lovers of the sweet stuff, rejoice!

Seattle comes on strong with See 7 Stars Moonshine from Batch 206 Distillery. It’s 100 proof, so wimps need not apply, but a full-bodied taste—more whiskey than moonshine—makes this one stand out against similar products, especially at its price point.

The Outcome: Seattle just overpowers Denver. No sweet victory for Mr. Manning this year. —Ken Miller

Give 'em the bird

The Seattle Seahawks’ “wolf grey, lime green and college navy” Nike uniforms have 12 feathers on the pants, a nod to the 12th Man, their deafening fans at CenturyLink Field.

The Smoke-A-Bowl

So, the only two states with legal recreational marijuana make it to the Super Bowl. Coincidence?

And as is bound to happen when gridiron success meets ganja growing, we now have football-inspired cannabis strains in both Super Bowl teams’ states. According to the Seattle Times, a local grower has created the Marshawn Lynch tribute “Beast Mode,” an “indica-dominant strain of the OG Kush family” that packs a THC content of 17.6 percent (“extremely strong”). In Denver, dispensaries have been selling a sativa-dominant type of weed simply known as “Peyton Manning.” The label says it’s “the best of both worlds,” but apparently the record-setting QB didn’t see it that way. According to Denver’s CBS4, he’s threatening legal action for the unsanctioned use of his name.

Things you can do with Chili Chese Fritos during the Super Bowl

1. Bet on them. There are 24 ingredients in Chili Cheese Fritos, the same as the halftime over/under points. Coincidence?

2. Try to eat them as quietly as possible.

3. Give your favorite Bronco or Seahawk fan a Chili Cheese Fritos victory shower. Less wet and sticky than Gatorade. Tastes better, too.

4. Use them to make other snacks: Fritos-crusted wings. Fritos-topped sliders. Crunch them into your girlfriend’s salad and tell her they’re salted brioche croutons. Boom.

5. Use the sealed bag as a noisemaking device for third-and-long rallies.

6. Sprinkle them on a bowl of chili with cheese. Meta.

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