The Interview Issue: Interviews the Weekly staff hopes—or wishes—it could get

The Swedish Chef is one of Weekly writer Erin Ryan’s bucket list interviews.

Brock Radke, Food Editor: Andre Agassi, over dinner at SW Steakhouse. Prince, over pancakes. Anthony Bourdain, over drinks at Frankie’s Tiki Room, but he’s interviewing me. My dad, at the beach.

Spencer Patterson, Managing Editor: From my personal pantheon of significant, living musical figures, I still haven’t crossed off (and in most cases, probably never will) Marshall Allen (Sun Ra Arkestra), Kate Bush, Jeff Mangum (Neutral Milk Hotel), Ian Crause (ex-Disco Inferno), Barry Hogan (All Tomorrow’s Parties founder), and, strangely, Robert Pollard (Guided By Voices).

Ken Miller, Associate Editor: Of all the celebrities I enjoy on the Silver Screen, few have gotten their due less than Nicky Katt. He’s in several of my all-time favorite films—The Limey, Dazed and Confused, Insomnia, among others—and kills it in every role he takes. And after our interview is over, I’ll bet he’d agree to a bar crawl. He just seems that cool.

Kristen Peterson, Staff Writer: George W. Bush. I would like to hear from him as to why he ran for office, how he thinks he did and if his post-presidential plans include anything other than painting. If not, then why?

Erin Ryan, Staff Writer: The dearly departed Bob Ross and Fred Rogers together, to see if a heart can explode with happiness. Annie Dillard, because she writes from so deep. The Swedish Chef. Kevin Costner. And James Dyson, while vacuuming.

Mike Prevatt, Nightlife Editor: Deadmau5. Of all the hot-fuss DJs currently reigning over clubland, Deadmau5 would be the big-get interview. The prog-house producer and sometime-Wynn Nightlife headliner is a soundbite machine that no publicist could ever tame, one who employs no filter when he speaks—be it truth to power or a flippant criticism, all with the virality of a winter cold. Alas, the man rarely speaks to the press—and why would he, with his uncanny ability to generate thousands of blogs with a single tweet?

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