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Wynn nightlife photographer Danny Mahoney: ‘Anything could happen at any moment’

Photo: Danny Mahoney

Gear: Canon EOS-1DX

Where he shoots: XS and Tryst (and occasionally Surrender and Encore Beach Club)

Instagram: dmahoneyphoto

DJs who work the camera: Diplo, Zedd

Capturing that epic moment: You really have to know the music. Once you know the music, you know when the crowd is going to react toward certain breaks in the song and certain sing-alongs and when the lights are going to play a part in a shot.

Time management: If it’s a David Guetta night and there are 10,000 people in the crowd, getting from front to back may take up to 20 minutes, and you have to plan accordingly.

Record attendance: We recently had Zedd break the people record Labor Day Sunday. He reached 11,323 people. In one of the photos, he stands up on the back of the DJ booth, and you cannot even see the pool, there are so many people in the water. That was a very memorable moment.

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If you have an iPhone: Download the app Camera+. It takes the picture faster than normal and you don’t get that blur, that shutter drag.

Wait, grasshopper: It’s all about being patient. Don’t go Instagramming five minutes in when you can wait another 15 minutes and get a better shot.

The one that got away: One time Deadmau5 stage-dove into the crowd when he played a Rage Against the Machine track. I had put my camera down. I did not get photos of it—I wish I did. Now the camera’s glued to my hands until the DJ gets off, because anything could happen at any moment.

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