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Sean Geer, brew master

At only 29, Sean Geer is ready to seriously up the ante for Las Vegas’ brewery industry.
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There are 65 beer styles, and if all goes according to plan, Sean Geer plans to serve each and every single one of them this year. In what can be called a serious game-changer for Las Vegas’ craft beer scene, Geer’s Vegas Brewing Co., scheduled to have its grand opening this month, features 30 taps—all serving beers he crafted. That’s everything from an IPA to a Belgian trippel, from a Scottish heavy 70 to a Flanders red ale.

Ambitious? Not for Geer, who’s spent the better part of nine years preparing for this moment, studying the craft. (Did we mention he’s only 29?) “Very, very few breweries do this,” he says. “My main goal is to never have people coming in here and drinking the same beer.”

He’ll be the latest tenant of Henderson’s Booze District, and the LA native has big plans beyond serving the entire spectrum of beer. For starters, his brewpub is the only one in the Valley where the taproom and the brewery share space (you can practically touch the fermentation and Brite tanks while you sip). But he also plans classes, demonstrations, tastings and focus groups to improve his beers. “Breweries can be more. I envision this as a community center where people hang out with good people, learn about beer—kind of like the old taverns of the Revolutionary era.” Considering Geer is launching a revolution of his own, that seems appropriate.

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