[The Election Issue]

A primer on the big questions (but study your informative sample ballots!)

Stacy J. Willis

Question 1: Background Check Loophole Would close the so-called “loophole” on federal background checks for gun purchases. If it passes, background checks already required at other licensed dealers would be required for gun purchases at gun shows and unlicensed online sites and between private parties. If it fails, gun purchases at those sites might continue to be conducted without federal background checks.

Question 2: Recreational Marijuana Would make recreational cannabis’ use and sale legal for those over 21 at a date to be decided in the next legislative session. Passage of this measure would also enact a 15 percent state tax on wholesale marijuana sales, allow for the establishment of regulated cultivation facilities, distributors and retail outlets, and require distributor licensing.

Question 3: Open Market Energy If passed, this would amend the Nevada Constitution to allow Nevadans to have a competitive retail energy market in which to shop for power. The measure would require the legislature to pass laws by July 1, 2023 prohibiting a power monopoly, preventing unfair practices and reducing costs to customers by allowing competition.

Question 4: Medical Equipment Tax Relief If passed, this initiative would amend the Nevada Constitution to remove consumer sales taxes from medical equipment like wheelchairs and oxygen tanks, as long as they’re prescribed by a licensed healthcare provider.

Question 5: Fuel Tax Drivers in Clark County already pay inflation-based fuel taxes, and if passed, this measure would continue that practice. The fuel tax revenue is used exclusively for roadwork and improving transportation safety. The measure seeks to adjust fuel taxes with inflation up to an averaged annual rate or 7.8 percent. The Regional Transportation Committee estimates that it would amount to a roughly 2.8-cent-per-gallon increase in gas costs in 2018. If passed, it will allow the fuel indexing practice to continue through 2026.

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