Dress up your furry friend with one of these five pet-approved ideas

Hercules the Pug dressed up like a pig waits to take the stage during the Halloween Pet Parade and Costume Contest in Coconut Grove, Fla., Sunday, Oct. 28, 2001. (AP Photo/Amy E. Conn)

Barkista Is your dog a coffee fiend, too? Grab a green apron (you can order a kids-sized one from Amazon) and some iron-on T-shirt transfers. Print a Starbucks logo using the transfer paper and iron the logo onto the apron. (The costume isn’t complete without the “Starbarks” latte plush toy, also available on Amazon).

Olympic swimmer Find a pair of old swimming goggles and attach them to your dog’s head. Next, find an old medal (surely you have one in the garage somewhere) and drape it around your dog’s neck. Cut a hole in the back of a Speedo for the tail and bam! Michael Phelps ain’t got nothing on your prize-winning pup.

Trumpy Cat Buy a cheap blonde wig from a Halloween store (the more orange, the better). Cut holes in the wig for the cat’s ears. Clip a red tie onto your cat’s collar and boom. Trust me, this one’s gonna be huge.

Spaghetti and meatballs Buy a cheap puppy shirt, some Styrofoam balls and a spool of beige yarn or rope. Hot-glue the yarn all over the T-shirt, draping it so that it begins to look likes a bowl of pasta—the messier the better. Last, spray-paint the Styrofoam balls brown to look like meatballs. Bone-a-petit!

Raver Is your pet all about the PLUR? Buy a tutu, cut up some colorful socks for leg warmers and attach a blinking bike light to its collar. Bonus points if your dog is named Molly.

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