Women of Intrigue: Christina Amato

Christina Amato
Photo: Anthony Mair

Talent alone is never enough. And although Christina Amato has talent in spades—a powerful voice and a knack for turning her favorite songs into something personal and different—she knows an artist needs to know how to build a brand.

“Since I was very young, I realized the power of social media and how much influence is there, and also how it allows you to be yourself and find people that enjoy your authentic personality,” says the 23-year-old, Vegas-born singer. “I’ve been using live-streaming, Periscope and Instagram to brand myself not only as a singer, but blend together fashion and travel and style into one thing.”

Amato has music in her blood. Her musician dad, Tommy Amato, came to Vegas in ’68 and worked in all the big showrooms with all the big singers, including Bobby Darin. It was easy for Christina to learn how this entertainment city worked, and she began singing regularly at 19 with Zowie Bowie. She quickly put together her own band and grabbed a weekly gig at Blue Martini, and has more recently performed at the Sayers Club.

Amato operates with the patience of a seasoned performer, onstage and off. “In the next three to five years I’d like to have an album out, but I’d also love to be writing for myself and others,” she says. “And I want to take social to the next level, build something more like a lifestyle movement than just someone who sings.”

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