Women of Intrigue: Jodi Myers

Jodi Myers
Photo: Anthony Mair

Things move fast in Las Vegas, but the city’s hospitality and nightlife industries are still known to be boys’ clubs. Jodi Myers is one of a growing group to have shattered that stereotype.

As vice president of customer development for MGM Resorts, Myers draws on her extensive background—she was with Light Group for a dozen years and president of the company for four—to cultivate customers in a unique way. “What was so compelling to me here is the ability to work across so many luxury properties, taking advantage of all our venues and attractions,” she says. “We have so much to offer. Younger customers want the whole Vegas experience, not just gaming, and you give me any night of the week and I can put it together.”

Not everyone can send a client to a wild pool party at Wet Republic and the new T-Mobile Arena to see a huge headliner in the same day. “There’s so much energy here, so much going on. My calendar is crazy,” she says. “Vegas really welcomes creativity and new ideas, and it’s amazing to be part of that.”

Myers started her hospitality career in bartending and cocktailing, so she’s seen the Strip change as rapidly as her star has risen in the industry. “It’s easy to get tied up in your current position having a good time and making good money,” she says. “Sometimes you have to take two steps back to take five steps forward. I still love going out and being social, and if you can do that plus get out of bed in the morning and be productive, you’re going to be successful.”

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