Women of Intrigue: Lisa Pittman & Mikalah Gordon

Lisa Pittman and Mikalah Gordon
Photo: Anthony Mair

Lisa Pittman is a DJ best known for her current residency at Marquee, creating the annual Shedonism party and as a favorite of the Vegas LGBTQ community. And Mikalah Gordon is a singer, comedian and all-around entertainer most famous for her teenage turn as a fierce competitor on American Idol Season 4.

Pittman and Gordon met while performing at the same venue, the Sayers Club, a couple of years ago. “She was so cute, and such a dope DJ,” Gordon says. “I was a fan first. She’s such a star. She tried to play hard to get, too. She didn’t know who I was.”

Pittman, a Las Vegan for the past 10 years, is currently focused on creating a different kind of weekly party more inclusive for youth in Las Vegas, working on mixtapes and organizing a national tour. She’s also working on making music with Gordon, a born-and-raised native, “because she’s a singer and I’m a DJ, and there’s no better combination, right? We’re busy independently as well as together. Maybe we’ll hit the Pride circuit next year.”

Coming off a busy year that saw her return to sing on Idol’s reunion show, Gordon now sings four nights a week at Rose. Rabbit. Lie. at the Cosmopolitan. After stepping into stand-up comedy two years ago, she’s also writing for sitcoms and other LA-based projects and unleashing her web series, Mikapedia. “I’ve always wanted to create my own show here in Vegas that includes comedy and singing,” she says. “Everything I want to do, I can do in Vegas. LA is great, super-creative, but when you want to do your own thing, Vegas is where you have to be.”

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