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App-titude: Your phone can make your outside experience even better


Sure, going out into nature is supposed to be about disconnecting from technology. But you can do nature so much better if you use these apps.

Zombies, Run! The zombie apocalypse has finally arrived, gasoline is scarce and one of the last outposts of humanity is relying on you, Runner 5, to run (or jog or walk) workout-length missions. This phone app is a workout tracker, immersive storyteller, podcast, music player and Sim City-style video game combo.

Yonder Here’s a low-stress social networking app for the outdoors. Search by location to get a visual on your next hike, or play armchair traveler and scroll through user-generated images of nature around the world.

Red Cross First Aid Even if you’re a committed couch potato, download this free app now. It offer clear step-by-step instructions on how to prepare for and respond to emergency situations, such as allergy attacks, heat stroke and snake bites. For dog and cat owners, a sister app offers pet first aid.

RecGovCamp This simple companion app to the website recreation.gov allows you to search for and reserve public campsites. It’s great for casually planning a last-minute weekend trip. But if you’re looking for more than the basics, proceed to the website, which offers many more resources for trip planning.

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