The confusing ethics of a $100 pay-per-view party


Once upon a time, fights cost $30-$40 to watch at home, so paying for your party’s broadcast on your own didn’t break the bank—especially if your guests contributed some food and drinks to the cause. Now that we’ve entered the era of $100 pay-per-views with Mayweather-McGregor (okay, $90 for the low-def feed … but who’s still watching low-def at this point?), we’ve heard folks asking whether they should put out a donation hat or even let their pals know they’ll be ponying up in advance.

Our advice: Don’t. Nothing gets a party off on a weird foot like charging a cover, and if you can’t afford $100 to host a big bash, you shouldn’t be hosting. Direct guests who offer to pay beforehand to bring snacks or beers for the group, and if anyone insists on putting some cash on your counter, graciously accept. Just don’t make it mandatory.

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