Women of Intrigue: Amanda Moore

Amanda Moore
Photo: Christopher DeVargas

Imagine Dragons at T-Mobile Arena. Il Divo at the Venetian. The Offspring at Downtown Las Vegas Events Center. On September 29, Amanda Moore might have to work as many as all of those shows should they need her support. The marketing director for the Las Vegas arm of concert behemoth Live Nation will tell you the compact layout of the tourist corridor is on her side, and that “it’s part of the gig. You just have to figure out how to schedule yourself so you can be everywhere you need to be.” What she won’t tell you is that she’s just that good at her job.

Moore is responsible for hyping many of the city’s biggest and most noteworthy shows. If you’ve seen a billboard for Mary J. Blige’s upcoming Pearl performance, or Ricky Martin being interviewed on TV for his Park Theater residency, or a Facebook flier for Depeche Mode’s September gig at T-Mobile Arena, you’ve seen her work. “There’s really no end to what my job entails and what we need to do as marketers to cut through the cacophony of entertainment in this city so our shows stand out.”

Given that live music has overtaken production shows as the most in-demand form of entertainment on the Strip, Moore stands out even more—especially given Las Vegas’ reputation as a good ol’ boys town. “I think [women in Vegas entertainment] are definitely recognized and respected, and I 100 percent feel that respect from everyone I work with,” she says. “There are some extraordinary women in the entertainment fabric in this city, but I’d like to see some of these women promoted to a seat at the executive table.”

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