Women of Intrigue: Kelley & Victoria Fertitta

Kelley and Victoria Fertitta
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Remember when you’d go back to school and tell everyone what you did over the summer? These sisters easily win that contest. Station Casinos scions Kelley and Victoria Fertitta spent the season traveling through Alaska and Europe and documenting all the dogsledding and sailing on their year-old lifestyle and fashion blog Wilson Gabrielle and its accompanying Instagram feed, which recently blew by the 20,000-follower mark.

“That’s a new market for us to reach, the world of travel,” Victoria says. “Any time you tag a new location, it will bring new followers to your page wherever you are. And now that Instagram’s story is there, we got to show a little more personality as we were focusing on traveling and style through travel during the summer.”

The duo has already established the Wilson Gabrielle brand as a combination of their separate styles, and now the sisters are adjusting by going bicoastal—Victoria is off to New York City to study luxury retail and grab an MBA at NYU. “It will be two sisters, two styles, two cities,” she says. “But I’ll be back and forth a lot, and Kelley will be in New York a lot, too. It’s an opportunity to show East Coast vs. West Coast [on the blog], and market to everyone across the country.”

Team WG has some big collaborations and events in the works for 2018, including a partnership with one of their favorite makeup brands. It’s all about continuing to build on a very fast start, expanding the audience while staying connected to their home base of Las Vegas.

“It’s humbling to know people are interested in the content we’re providing,” Kelley says. “We get a lot of messages from people in Las Vegas asking where we like to go eat and what we like to do around town. We’re looking to continue our growth here, too, because Vegas is our primary market and we want to serve the people that have been so good to our family.”

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