Women of Intrigue: Natalia Badzjo

Natalia Badzjo
Photo: Christopher DeVargas

She must have twice as many hours in the day as the rest of us. It’s the only way to explain how this Russian powerhouse thrives at two careers, either of which should take up all her time.

As Director of Customer Development at Wynn Nightlife, Natalia Badzjo is responsible for packing the casino’s venues and “creating the best party in town.” She also owns and operates Henderson’s Big B’s Texas BBQ with husband Brian Buechner.

How does she do it? She strives for balance and embraces variety. “I love the upscale and refined environment of Wynn. It’s like a second home to me,” Badzjo says. “Then I get to dress down a little and run my own business.”

She has always been unique, and not just because she’s a woman in a predominantly male industry. Instead of chasing trends, Badzjo developed qualities that last forever—work ethic, organization, diplomacy and confidence. She has experience in many aspects of the hospitality business, including operations, marketing and promotions.

“A lot of people in Las Vegas strive to be ‘cool’ as opposed to successful,” Badzjo says. “I have never cared to be cool but have always worked extremely hard to be successful.”

Of course, success isn’t easy. “The first few months after we opened Big B’s were very tough. It was our first business, and we had to learn a lot and very fast,” Badzjo says, recalling months of hard work spent establishing the rhythms of a new restaurant. “Now it’s working like a well-oiled machine.”

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