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Women of Intrigue: Stephanie Capellas

Stephanie Capellas
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With a decade of experience in hospitality and communications, Stephanie Capellas was an obvious candidate for the Cosmopolitan’s Vice President of Public Relations. And the fact that she had never worked in-house for a resort? The hotel saw that as a plus, Capellas says.

“Being in Vegas for 10 years, I’ve seen a lot of change in the city,” she says. That perspective gives her a unique insight into the industry, and an insider’s knowledge on Las Vegas’ ever-changing landscape.

After serving in leadership roles with Hakkasan Group and Cirque du Soleil, Capellas is now in a position that involves “constantly looking at opportunities and knowing what opportunities are right” for the venue, and assisting with project rollouts, from the 21 freshly redone Boulevard Tower penthouses to the upcoming Chandelier Bar remodel.

“It’s really cool being part of something like that and feeling like I can bring something different to the table that wasn’t here before,” Capellas says. “I don’t feel like every day is one and the same. I started two months ago, [and] it feels like two months and two years at the same time.”

The new VP has even more on her plate for the end of 2017. Capellas is getting married in November, which means she’s been balancing her new gig with wedding planning—the sign of a true multitasker. But she doesn’t mind. When the stylish Capellas isn’t working—which she admits is rare—she’s usually browsing the Internet for style inspiration.

“I’m obsessed with fashion, so I love to research it,” she says. “If I had it my way I’d probably have my own fashion blog. Maybe one day I’ll have time for that.”

Until then, she’s excited to get situated in her new role. “I really feel at home here. I’m able to be myself and I’m surrounded by like-minded people. It’s truly a collaborative effort.”

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