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Drai’s Bobby Minkoff has spent a decade on the After Hours scene

Bobby Minkoff, director of VIP services and marketing for Drai’s After Hours.
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Bobby Minkoff is a bit of an anomaly in the world of Vegas nightlife. The director of VIP services and marketing for Drai’s After Hours at the Cromwell—and former film and TV production assistant—has been at the iconic, late-night basement club for just over 10 years. After Hours recently celebrated an incredible two-decade run on the Strip.

“Yeah, typically if you’re a successful host you kind of move up the ladder and are sought after, so you tend to move to bigger, newer venues,” Minkoff says. “But it’s been the right thing for me here since day one, and I’ve been lucky to stay.”

Like the club itself, Minkoff hasn’t wanted to make major changes. The industry-defying After Hours brings a singular vibe and experience to the nightlife landscape that’s hard to quantify but definitely draws you in. Victor Drai himself recently simplified the club’s long success: “It’s funny, because people think so many crazy things happen there, but it’s really just that people get out at 8 in the morning and they’re just so happy because they’re in Vegas and they went out all night. That makes the mystique of Drai’s. Sometimes they know the club but they don’t know the name; they just know they went there and it was unbelievable.”

But it’s not that simple. There’s more to the mystique. And crazy things do happen there, but you don’t get to hear about them. You have to go and get your own stories, which Minkoff knows well, like every other industry veteran who’s been going to After Hours after work for years.

“Our duty is to give everyone who comes to Drai’s a lasting experience, and I think it’s how we run our VIP services team and how people get treated when they get there,” Minkoff says. “It really is like the Cheers of the city. Even during a big weekend like EDC, a host or a waitress from another club can come when there’s a huge rush, and we’ll part the sea to get you in. And you’re gonna get a handshake or a hug and a drink ticket and get walked down. That’s the kind of thing that’s created the success we’ve sustained over the years.”

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