[2017 Music Issue]

The Weekly staff’s reacts to dancey new Killers single “I’m the Man”


“The Killers are usually at their best when they sound like they’re both having fun and trying to be subversive—and that seems to be happening here. It’s reminiscent of the spirit of Hot Fuss and a refreshing change from their more recent and earnest material.” –Mike Prevatt

“The chorus seems to echo Mac DeMarco’s song ‘I’m a Man,’ if it were processed through a Scissor Sisters filter.” –C. Moon Reed

“I’m pretty sure this will be my new ‘Joy Ride’—the album’s anachronistic outlier I play so often to be silly, it grows into my favorite cut.” –Spencer Patterson

“Sounds like a blatant rip of Arcade Fire’s ‘Reflektor.’” –Leslie Ventura

“It’s fun. Hearing a tiny bit of Giorgio Moroder in there. This sounds like the ‘montage’ song from any number of ’80s movies, The Karate Kid, especially. Maybe it’s not Moroder’s influence. Maybe it’s Frank Stallone.” –Geoff Carter

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