Before indulging in newly legal recreational cannabis, a few warnings to consider

Keep out of reach of children.
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You might endanger your job.

Not to be a party pooper, but the feds still consider weed to be as bad as heroin. So even though it’s legal in Nevada, don’t be surprised if your employer defers to federal laws. The Gaming Control Board has taken a firm stance against marijuana, and casinos have more to lose than gain from bucking convention. There are no job protections for employees who consume, and some fields, such as law enforcement, flat-out prohibit consumption.

So how can you exercise your freedom and remain gainfully employed? If you already have a job, don’t give your boss reason to suspect anything. Don’t show up to work reeking of weed, and do show up sober. Also, keep your giant bong off social media.

If you’re on the job hunt, chill on consuming until you know the rules of your new gig. It would be a shame to apply for your dream job, interview and get chosen … only to have the offer rescinded when you fail the new hire drug test. MGM Resorts, one of Nevada’s largest employers, isn’t changing its current employee drug testing procedures—and yes, it tests for marijuana.

Keep out of reach of children.

Being a responsible cannabis user means being mindful of those around you. Edibles, in particular, can be inviting to youngsters (or unsuspecting adults). And even though a regulation prevents cannabis products from being “modeled after a brand of products primarily consumed by or marketed to children,” we’ve spotted edibles on the market that look a whole lot like candy. So keep your goodies in their wrappers—and where visitors can’t accidentally find them.

Take extra care with edibles.

Unless you’re a weed ninja, you’ll need to be cautious with doses. Edibles can trick you. A tiny sliver of chocolate can pack a wallop, and it can take several hours to kick in. In the meantime, resist the temptation to consume more because you “don’t feel anything.” Horror stories of freak-outs and overwhelming paranoia abound. If you didn’t know the difference between a bottle of light beer and a bottle of whiskey, would you down the latter to find out?

Know The rules of the road.

How long do you have to wait before you’re safe to drive? Can you consume the equivalent of “one beer” and then drive? How much is too much? Nobody really knows, and the answer varies with a bunch of factors, such as weight and tolerance. We’re delving into uncharted territory when it comes to the effects of marijuana. Here’s what we can tell you: Urine tests are out, blood tests are in and, as of July 1, officers will only be testing for the active substances in your bloodstream. The inactive stuff that can linger in your system for weeks or months will no longer cause a conviction, a Metro spokesman explained. Police will only pull you over if you give them probable cause. If you feel in any way weird, even if it’s the next day, don’t drive.

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