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Amanda Connor, Attorney, Connor & Connor PLLC

Amanda Connor
Photo: Wade Vandervort

When Amanda and Derek Connor opened Las Vegas firm Connor & Connor PLLC in 2012, they had no intention of working in cannabis business law. Once they did, Amanda says, she worried about how the public might respond. “It was nerve-racking, because it still is federally illegal,” she says. Five years later, however, the shift in perceptions regarding the marijuana industry has made for a much more accepting climate.

Before she and her husband opened their practice in Nevada, Connor worked as a dual language kindergarten teacher in New Mexico and studied at the University of New Mexico School of Law. Since launching Connor & Connor, she and Derek have been critical in helping their clients navigate local cannabis and business laws.

Amanda represents key industry players throughout the state, assisting in helping them obtain the proper licenses and pass inspections.

Basically, it’s her job to know when policies change so she can alert her clients and ensure they remain in compliance with state laws. “That’s the part I enjoy,” Connor says. “I feel like I’m helping people to have a positive impact on our community. I love my day-to-day job.”

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