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Andrew Jolley, Co-Owner & CEO, The Source & Nevada Organic Remedies

Andrew Jolley

If there were ever a candidate for official mouthpiece of the Nevada marijuana industry, it’s the uber-articulate Andrew Jolley. But the down-to-earth co-owner and CEO of the Source dispensaries and Nevada Organic Remedies grow facility won’t be updating his business cards anytime soon. “I am under no illusion that I’m a spokesman,” he says with a smile. “I love doing interviews, because I love talking about cannabis.”

Jolley isn’t your typical marijuana-industry player, but he’s exactly the player it needs. Besides running the Source and NOR, he serves on the Nevada Green Ribbon Panel for Clark County and as president of the Nevada Dispensary Association. And his pedigree bona fides don’t end there. Before taking the plunge into dispensary ownership a few years back, Jolley had established himself in the world of real estate investing. Like many capitalists, he saw potential dollars as soon as dispensary licensing began in Clark County. But his financial Spidey sense paralleled his longtime advocacy for legitimate cannabis health care. “It was a merging of something I really believe in at my core with a business opportunity,” he says.

Jolley’s goals of responsible medicinal and recreational marijuana sales in Nevada are now in the perfecting stage. What’s next: helping to establish lounges where locals and tourists can legally consume cannabis products. But like a smart businessman, he wants to ensure every T is crossed. “I’m afraid if we don’t do it right, it could reflect poorly on the industry,’ he says. “So my greatest hope regarding lounges is we take our time and do it right out of the gate, so we don’t create any trips along the way of this journey.”

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