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Brian Padgett, Owner, CW Nevada

Brian Padgett
Photo: Mikayla Whitmore

When he was 28 years old, Brian Padgett was diagnosed with leukemia. Marijuana helped him endure the rigors of recovery, and he’s paying it forward by helping others access the substance that helped him so much. Padgett, a lawyer specializing in protecting property rights, co-founded CW Nevada, a company featuring cultivation and production facilities, along with dispensaries. “Our essence is making good, quality products, taking care of people and passing the savings on to customers,” he says.

Padgett is mindful that marijuana isn’t covered by health insurance and also that some patients must rely on recreational marijuana to avoid the lingering stigma. For those reasons, Padgett offers favorable pricing and charitable programs, and sometimes even personally subsidizes people in need. “We’re very fortunate to be in this business—we had to beat out 80 other groups to get our license. But also, to help impact lives, it amazes me and humbles me every day."

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