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Kema Ogden, Director of Outreach, Top Notch THC

Kema Ogden
Photo: Mikayla Whitmore
Tovin Lapan

Kema Ogden has long been interested in community outreach, particularly in the realms of health, wellness and education. She once owned a gym and helped run an outreach program for the homeless. During her husband Jonathan Ogden’s 12 seasons playing left tackle for the NFL’s Baltimore Ravens, the couple was involved in numerous community health initiatives. Now, the Ogdens are investors in Top Notch THC.

Kema was raised in Las Vegas, and when marijuana dispensaries got approved, her experience working in health care—and seeing some friends and family members struggle from pain-management issues cannabis could help alleviate—drove her to get into the business.

“We want to be the Cheers of dispensaries, where everyone knows your name,” Ogden says. “We’ve seen that a lot more people partake than you’d realize, from professionals to grandmas. … It really helps a lot of people, and I think it’s important to bring education into the community.”

Ogden has been a vocal advocate for re-evaluating the policies regarding marijuana use in professional sports leagues, and also setting an example for diversity. “This is an industry largely dominated by men, and there are not many minorities, either,” Ogden says. “I want to be a role model in this industry for women and minorities. We want to be strong members of the community.”

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