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Kevin Biernacki, Cultivation Manager & Master Grower, The Grove

Kevin Biernacki
Photo: Wade Vandervort

They might leave, but they almost always come back. Chance parked professional paraglider pilot Kevin Biernacki in Humboldt County, California, for 15 years. But when a successful foray into cannabis production led to an offer to become cultivation manager and master grower for the Grove Wellness Center, the Vegas native returned home. Since then, he’s helped the industry usher in medical and recreational sales, pioneered environmentally friendly and technologically savvy ways to grow cannabis and planned the expansion of the Grove’s growth/cultivation center. And like many in the industry, he’s barely had time to catch his breath. “It’s been such a rapid evolution, you’re too busy to step back,” he says. “It’s come a long way, and it’s still got a long ways to go.”

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