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Paul Schloss, President, Redwood Cultivation

Paul Schloss
Photo: Christopher DeVargas
Tovin Lapan

Paul Schloss is an entrepreneur at heart. From his days at Washington State University, where he published a “Women of Wazzu” calendar, he has been drawn to running businesses. “I never had a problem working 60 hours a week, and I figured if I could do it for other people, why not do it for myself?” he says. Schloss eventually went into the bagel business, opening several Brooklyn Bagel locations in Las Vegas.

He anticipated cannabis’ boom as medicinal and recreational laws expanded, and got involved in several facets of the industry. For a time he sold grow equipment. He was a partner in a dispensary in Washington before focusing on Las Vegas. He also operates Getting Legal, a medical marijuana evaluation service.

Now, Schloss is president of Redwood Cultivation, founded by Harris Rittoff and Cherry Development. Redwood has a cultivation, production and distribution license, and provides its products to dispensaries around the Valley. The 20,000-square-foot facility features state-of-the-art fertilization, irrigation, ventilation and CO2 systems. In addition to producing its own strains and products, Redwood is the exclusive distributor in the Silver State for Willie’s Reserve, a marijuana line launched by country legend Willie Nelson.

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