A few tips for staying safe as you party on in Las Vegas


We owe it to Las Vegas to continue partying, clubbing, attending concerts and living life to the fullest, as fabulously as we can. Here are a few ways to be safe about it:

Prepare an emergency supply kit.

At Ready.gov, the feds offer a list of strategies for most any emergency situation. No matter what you might be preparing for, go ahead and put together an emergency supply kit now. Keep some water, sunscreen, a hat, granola bars and first aid supplies in your trunk. Add some jumper cables, a blanket, a solar phone charger and a pair of flats, and you should be Boy Scout-ready for most Vegas emergencies.

Write down a few key phone numbers.

Back when we actually dialed numbers, we’d memorize a bunch of them by default. Don’t rely on your faulty memory. Get a tiny piece of paper, write down the phone numbers of your best friends, slip it into your wallet and know that it’s there when you need it.

Choose a meetup spot.

Back before cell phones, friends would plan a meetup spot in case they got separated at the mall or an event. Be retro and do this, always.

Cell phones might be useless.

This could be the scariest thought of all. We’re so used to having our cell phones that it’s hard to remember how to think and plan without them. When you plan ahead for an emergency, anticipate not using them. They could run out of power or get lost in a melee.

Make a plan.

This can be as simple as learning the phrase “run, hide, fight” for active shooters, “stop, drop and roll” for fire and “distance, shielding and time” for the unlikely event of nuclear threats. Ready.gov is a great resource; read it.

Spot the exits.

It might sound morbid, but if you make a habit of this, soon you’ll do it without even thinking. Wherever you go, look for at least two exits, and if you have a choice, it never hurts to stand in a place where both those exits are accessible.

Stay calm and carry on.

We are Vegas. We are strong, brave people from all corners of the world. We help our own. We’ve got this.

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