Halloween read: ‘The House Always Wins’


Everybody loves Old Vegas, but what happens when our mobster past comes back in undead form? In the new novel The House Always Wins, young Anna Christiansen is about to find out. The small-town girl meets a musician on tour and on a whim moves with him to his home in Las Vegas. When they buy a “fixer-upper,” the Nevada newcomer discovers that her house is haunted by the ghost of a mob-era racketeer. She’s also going up against a naughty casino owner who wants to turn her historic neighborhood into a parking lot. Might the ghost offer her some Strip street smarts?

Author Brian Rouff has dreamed up a fun little tale, which he describes in a release as “part coming-of-age saga, part mystery and part ghost story.” When it comes to Nevada stories, Rouff knows his stuff. He has lived in Las Vegas for more than 35 years and has also written the Las Vegas-based novels Dice Angel and Money Shot.

Las Vegas gaming publisher Huntington Press is relaunching its fiction imprint with this very Vegas ghost story. “We couldn’t think of a better story to launch our jump back into fiction,” Huntington Press’ Anthony Curtis says in a release. “It’s pure Vegas, told from an insider’s perspective.”

The House Always Wins: A Vegas Ghost Story By Brian Rouff, $17.

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