Women of Intrigue: Alissa Veretennikov & Madeline DeVaux

Photo: Wade Vandervort

Do yourself a favor. Tomorrow morning—or right now, if they’re open—pay a visit to Toast Society, a bright, modern coffee and toast bar in Las Vegas’ burgeoning southwest. Once there, order yourself the House Favorite—smashed avocado, cherry tomato, crumbled feta, greens, sea salt, sesame and olive oil, piled high on thick-cut multigrain bread. Or try the toasts made with goat cheese and pear, with chocolate spread and fruit, with beet hummus or with anything, really; it’s all delicious. (And we haven’t even tried the smoothies yet. Next time.)

Then, turn and thank Toast Society co-owners Alissa Veretennikov and Madeline DeVaux—both Wynn hospitality alumni, recently of Encore Beach Club—for opening this terrific place three months ago. Odds are good they’ll be seated on the sofa by the door, being thanked by someone else.

“We wanted to create an environment that was happy and relaxing, that would make people want to come back day after day,” Veretennikov says. And they’re already developing a base of regular customers, two of which come in while we’re talking and wave hello: “They’ve been here three days this week,” DeVaux says.

Toast Society is so assured in its look and its offerings that it’s hard to believe it’s DeVaux and Veretennikov’s first business. (A third partner, Madeline’s sister Rachael DeVaux, is a Seattle-based dietician.) The partners credit their time honing their hospitality skills at Wynn, and a resolutely focused business model.

“Toast can be made into so many different things; it’s such a simple concept,” DeVaux says. “People are steering towards simplicity now.”

“The whole menu is actually 13 items, and I wanted even less,” Veretennikov says, chuckling. “We’re staying true to our concept, which was very simple and clean—and you kinda lose that if you have too many items on the menu. We want to do a few items and do them so well.”

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