Women of Intrigue: Ashley Farkas

Photo: Christopher DeVargas

Is she a public relations superstar or a meditative yogi? For Ashley Farkas, the answer is both. Farkas has been following her dream to work in public relations since she began a college internship at the Venetian, which led her to help open the Palazzo. “It was so exciting,” say Farkas, who holds an executive MBA from UNLV. “I knew for sure that PR was the life I wanted.”

In 2010, Farkas manifested her goals by taking a role with MGM Resorts public relations team, specializing in entertainment. That means she had the enviable job of helping promote headliners, Cirque du Soleil shows, boxing, concerts and red carpets. Now, Farkas oversees all food and beverage public relations for MGM Resorts International. She works with chefs, restaurants, bars and lounges for 13 resorts on the Strip. She travels around the world to help represent MGM’s culinary offerings, from visiting properties in Macau and Massachusetts to working the Food & Wine Classic in Aspen. “I love talking about our brands,” Farkas says. "I’ve been [with MGM] eight years, and every day I come to work excited and happy.”

If Farkas seems relentlessly positive, that’s because she is. The publicist and yoga instructor credits the ancient practice for her sense of bliss. She begins her mornings with an hour of yoga—and a sense of gratitude and reflection. “I start the day off in a positive way, so that no matter what comes my way, I’ve set the intention that I’m in a good place.”

Farkas relied on yoga—along with immense support from friends, family, colleagues, medical professionals and the Las Vegas community—to recover after being shot in the shoulder at the Route 91 Harvest festival last October 1. Nearly a year after the tragedy, Farkas has regained the mobility in her arm, and isn’t letting that one terrible event overshadow the wonderful life she has built. “My goal was to be able to move forward,” Farkas says. “By keeping that positivity—through support of family and friends—here I am.”

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