Women of Intrigue: Faith Jessie

Photo: Christopher DeVargas

Faith Jessie is that journalist most coveted and relied upon by editors: She covers everything. The KSNV weekday morning anchor jumps at the chance to cover the accomplishments of community members, be they student teachers or local musicians. She’s a red-carpet fixture at entertainment events like the Billboard Music Awards and the Academy of Country Music Awards. And she assists her network’s sports team, which meant she was on Golden Knights duty throughout their playoff run. “The bulk of my workload [is] super-random,” the Tampa, Florida, native says. “It’s the news of the day, and can be completely different every day. Which can be the fun part about it.”

And it certainly appears like Jessie is having fun, judging by her lively news segments (which can be found at facebook.com/faithnews3lv)—a contrast to the seriousness of covering the 2016 U.S. election during her previous stint with the Fox affiliate in Binghamton, New York. Upon arriving in Las Vegas, she ran into a much faster-paced city that required some acclimation. Thankfully, she also found herself well-supported at the KSNV newsroom, a collaborative environment where she’s one of five African-American female anchors, which include her mentors Krystal Allan and Latoya Silmon. “They’ve helped groom me to who I am now,” she says. “And that’s great—women building each other up.”

Jessie wants to play a role in transferring that empowerment from the newsroom to the airwaves. “I think we’re in an age where the woman is being seen as a powerful career figure, not a trophy,” she says. “We want to [tell stories of] powerful women—not just those accepting direction, but making the rules."

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