Women of Intrigue: Lydia Ansel

Photo: Christopher DeVargas

Classically trained violinist-turned-DJ Lydia Ansel has always loved music. “I just kept bugging my parents to play,” she says. Not permitted to be in a rock ’n’ roll band as a kid, Ansel taught herself classic rock covers on the violin. “While I was working on Shostakovich I was trying to work out solos for Santana,” she laughs. As an adult, Ansel did start playing with bands, eventually landing a three-year gig as Rod Stewart’s violin player. She has also played alongside Enrique Iglesias, John Legend and Ricky Martin, to name a few.

But Vegas is constantly changing, so Ansel adapted, too. “It’s definitely turned into more of a DJ town,” Ansel says. “By constantly being around DJs, I was like, I should learn how to do this.”

These days, she plays the violin and DJs at the same time, something that sets her apart from just about everyone here and elsewhere. She just wrapped up a run at the Hard Rock Hotel, and you can catch her performing at Beer Park during a summer residency. As for what’s to come, the musician says she’s got a few more cards up her sleeve.

“I’m adjusting my schedule a little,” she explains. “I’m trying to figure out if I want to jump into another residency or take more time to focus, because I’m really excited about working on other collaborations with DJs on original music. All these new chapters are coming, and I feel like I’m bubbling with possibilities.”

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