Recommended rock climbing equipment


1. Climbing Shoes Shoes specifically designed for climbing are lightweight and have proper traction to grip footholds. Hiking in these shoes isn’t recommended, because it can be uncomfortable and damage the shoes, so don’t put them on until you’re ready to climb.

2. Rope There are dynamic ropes with elasticity designed as a safety rope, and static ropes that lack elasticity and are mainly used for repelling down cliffs.

3. Harness All types of climbing except bouldering require a harness, which has a strap that wraps around the climber’s waist and two that go around the climber’s upper thighs.

4. Carabiners Small, spring-loaded metal rings that are used to connect the climbing rope to pieces of climbing protection like bolts.

5. Belay Device A belay device acts as a brake on the climbing rope. The device helps keep tension on the rope and protect the climber at the other end, while allowing the belayer to catch a climber in the event of a fall, or lower a climber down.

6. Chalk Climbers use chalk to dry the perspiration from their hands and improve their grip. This is especially important during the summer in Southern Nevada when temperatures rise.

7. Helmet It’s always important to protect your head while climbing.

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