These are a few of our favorite Vegas breakfasts

Fausto’s omelet burrito.
Photo: Christopher DeVargas

Start the day in luxury

When you think of going out to breakfast, it’s always a casual experience. Take it easy, throw on some pants, eat some pancakes. That kind of thinking is what makes Tableau so special. The Wynn Tower Suites destination might be the only breakfast restaurant you could legitimately describe as fine dining, an utterly elegant poolside setting favored by hotel guests and almost unknown to the rest of us. It’s worthy of discovery, especially since the food—a smoked salmon Benedict on a bialy ($27), white chocolate French toast with coconut Chantilly ($20), a veggie-loaded frittata with piquillo pepper sauce ($23)—is as luxurious as the surroundings. Wynn. –Brock Radke

Oh, how I love Lou's

House-made jams. Cinnamon rolls from scratch. An almost religious fascination with butter. Coffee cups magically refilled with ninja-like precision. These are just a few reasons Lou’s Diner is my go-to breakfast haunt. I stumbled onto the place—open for almost half-a-century, now tucked away behind a Walgreens just south of the 95—for the first time last year. Thinking about all the meals I could have had here almost makes me cry on my Monte Cristo. 431 S. Decatur Blvd. –Jim Begley

One burrito to rule them all

Taste matters, but so does chew. The typical breakfast burrito tosses its ingredients inside a tortilla all willy-nilly, so you might get a mouthful of egg one bite, meat the next. Fausto’s omelet burrito has the solution. The goods—diced ham, cheddar cheese and pico de gallo—come swaddled not only inside the flour wrap, but within a thin egg layer inside that, guaranteeing a primo ingredient mingle all the way through. Dab on sour cream and salsa rojo as you go, and you’ve got true bliss in your hands. Four locations. –Spencer Patterson

The Brekkie Behemoth

PublicUs’ Brekkie Sandwich is a hangover cure in food form—two farm fresh eggs (you can order scrambled or sunny side up, but always go up), crunchy and massive strips of perfectly cooked bacon and cheddar cheese on a potato bun. It comes with a side of greens, but we aren’t here to talk salads. The real star is what’s housed inside that toasty, glowing bun, and it’ll change your post-bar mornings forever. 1126 Fremont St. –Leslie Ventura

Singing the Breakfast Blues

Blue Skillet is the definition of “a quaint neighborhood diner.” The booths are well-worn, the coffee just good enough. But when I’m craving comfort at its most primal—fluffy scrambled eggs, crispy bacon, a tall stack of pancakes drenched in syrup and topped with bananas or blueberries—nothing satisfies like it. Most times I order the potato pancakes—just the right side of crunchy—and my girlfriend, the French toast or crepes, so we have both sweet and savory expertly covered. 1723 E. Charleston Blvd. –Geoff Carter

My Pancake Odyssey

I love pancakes … for the first five bites. Then the sugary carb crash makes me sick. So, I set out to do the impossible: turn a food that contains the word “cake” into a healthy, low-carb delight. I started with some basic substitutions: Two cups flour became one cup flour and a mix of oatmeal, almond meal and cornmeal. Then I started blending spinach and milk into a paste and adding that to the batter. What I’ve learned: You can sneak any health food into a pancake if you slather it in syrup. –C. Moon Reed

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