Embrace the outdoors during Nevada’s mild months

Great Basin National Park
Photo: Steve Marcus

Las Vegas may be famous for its urban attractions, but our bright city is also surrounded by abundant and beautiful nature just waiting to be explored. As the punishing summer heat slides into fall, now is the perfect time to get outdoors. While the rest of the country shivers under snowfall, the months of November through April are prime times in the desert southwest to throw off the shackles of climate controlled rooms and commune with nature.

Of course, Mother Nature can be intimidating, but with our help, there’s no need to be afraid. In this installment of our annual Outdoor Issue, we offer the latest insight, tips and information for all—from grizzled wilderness junkies to you sedentary sloths, reading this in your favorite time-worn couch indention.

We’ve got nearby hikes as well as instructions on how to pick the best hiking boots. We’ve got the full spectrum of activity suggestions, from the weird and unusual (camel safari, anyone?) to outdoor races to urban trails and chill picnic spots. We’ll tell you the one outdoor movie you must see this year (yes, you can watch it inside). And we’ll even help you solve a little bit of that existential dread about looming environmental disaster. What are you waiting for? Get reading and then get outside before the summer sun comes back ’round to force us all inside.

The 2018 Outdoor Issue



Great Basin National Park

Camel Safari

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