Explore temperature extremes in Nevada’s hot springs

Arizona Hot Springs
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Did you know Las Vegas is surrounded by hot springs? According to travelnevada.com, Nevada has more hot springs than any other U.S. state. Yes, Vegas is super close to some amazing state parks and natural landscapes, but that also means we’re in similarly close proximity to a number of relaxing bodies of water, which just so happen to be heated naturally, providing humans with much-needed enjoyment. Thanks, Mother Earth!

Gold Strike Hot Spring is only 15 minutes from Boulder City and is a great option in the fall and winter. It’s not a hike for the timid—it requires bouldering, scrambling and trekking up eight rope courses to get to the destination—but it’s well worth it (if you’re in shape).

The Arizona Hot Springs can be accessed by a canoe trip down the Colorado River (an option that’s probably better in the spring) or by taking a three-mile hike from Arizona State Highway 93.

A little farther away, about an hour and a half from Las Vegas, you’ll find the Tecopa Hot Springs. Pro-tip: Take two days to enjoy Tecopa, and you can spend an afternoon at Death Valley Brewing, too.

Once you’ve decided which hot spring to explore, make sure you’re prepared—the right gear is essential. Consider a headlamp (not a flashlight, since you’ll want your hands free) if you’re hiking at night. Other non-negotiables include a towel, hiking shoes, durable water sandals (such as Tevas), plenty of water and a backpack. Now that you’re ready for an adventure, where will you go first?

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