Who wants to ride a camel? You do, of course

Camel Safari
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An authentic outdoor desert experience just isn’t complete without a camel ride. Located in Bunkerville, just 70 miles northeast of the Vegas Valley, Camel Safari offers individuals of all ages the chance to learn about a wide range of desert species, including armadillos, opossums and sloths. Tourists can feed and pet many of these animals before embarking on a 90-minute camel ride, which passes through overlooks of the Virgin Mountains and Virgin River.

Wanda Race, the company’s bookkeeper, advises visitors to schedule their reservations at least a week in advance to ensure a spot at their desired tour time. For those who don’t have a vehicle, Camel Safari offers free pickup from a nearby bus stop in Mesquite.

Don’t want to ride a camel? The company provides a one-hour “Camel Encounter” educational seminar on the history, anatomy, personality and care of both Dromedary (one-hump) and Bactrian (two-hump) camels.camelsafari.com 800-836-4036. -

Camel Safari $149 per person $75 per child under 6 (must ride with a paying adult)

Camel Encounter $40 per person, $20 per child under 12 (must accompany at least one paying adult)

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