MedMen opens new dispensary, releases Nevada-specific line of products

Photo: Miranda Alam / Special to the Weekly

MedMen opened its second Las Vegas marijuana dispensary October 6. The new store, at 4503 Paradise Road, comes after the company’s first dispensary opened Downtown in July. The marijuana giant also announced the release of its Statemade cannabis line. Grown and produced in its Northern Nevada facility, the products include tincture drops, vaporizer pens, flower and pre-rolls. They’re divided into three-letter categories: “Max” for Statemade products that offer an energetic boost to users; “zzz” for products that promote sleep; “Joy” for cannabis items that encourage a happiness; and “zen” for creative highs, among others. “If there is one thing we’ve learned from serving hundreds of thousands of customers at our stores, it’s that the modern cannabis consumer wants high-quality products in a variety of forms,” MedMen president Andrew Modlin said.

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