Five things to know about the Raiders’ future home

A model with the roof cut away.
Photo: Steve Marcus

1. The stadium won’t have a retractable roof. The team didn’t think the extra costs were warranted, given that it would likely only be utilized a few times per year. The stadium will, however, feature an ETFE roofing system, designed to allow fans to have an outdoor-like experience without having to endure weather elements.

2. A cutting-edge, see-through outdoor video wall is planned for the stadium’s east side. The wall will advertise games and events to motorists traveling on Interstate 15 without restricting natural light during games, so fans inside the stadium can still see outside.

3. The stadium will feature two different playing surfaces, a grass turf field for the Raiders and an artificial turf field for UNLV football. Stadium staff will roll the grass field in and out as needed, as it will be on a tray system with wheels on a fixed track. The grass will rest on a heated surface to promote year-round growth. The artificial turf will be placed over the stadium floor.

4. Despite on-site parking limitations—the current estimate is 2,375 spaces—there will be a tailgating area on the premises. The area will be located where the grass field is stored before game day, on the south end. The Raiders were adamant about having on-site tailgating, calling it a key element to the game-day experience.

5. The stadium’s north-facing wall will feature 85-foot-tall, retractable doors to give fans a view of the Las Vegas Strip. Also located near the retractable wall will be an eight-story Al Davis memorial torch, planned for the 55,000 square-foot Peristyle Club, one of nine clubs in the stadium.

Where will the Raiders play in 2019

The Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum presented the Raiders with a 2019 lease proposal in February, but the two sides have yet to strike a deal. If the two sides can’t agree to terms, the Raiders will need to find a temporary, one-year home. Rumored possibilities include San Diego, San Antonio, Texas, or Las Vegas’ own Sam Boyd Stadium. The next Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum Authority meeting is scheduled for September, so a lease agreement could be announced then.

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