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  • Nightlife

    Still partying after a decade of nights

  • HER ENERGY DRINK 7-11 Stores $1.99

  • A close look at Luxor’s new center of attention

  • DJ Name: Jose 2 Hype Real Name: Jose Gutierrez Genre: House,electro-house,Latin house. Year: 03 - present;  Club: Tabu, LV   Year: 03 - 05;  Club: ...

  • Xania's Hot Spots

    This Week Special Events

  • Two small restaurants worth seeking out

  • When hearkening to ‘the day,’ when are we speaking of, exactly?

  • James Stokoe serves up a hearty genre stew for his debut dish

  • I Am Legend starts well before falling apart

  • “[Frontman Maynard James] Keenan has also loosened up a little since the band’s last tour, hitting the stage shirtless, sporting a mohawk, aviator sunglasses and, ...

  • Wu-Tang Clan, Ghostface Killah, Six Organs of Admittance, OneRepublic, Blake Lewis

  • Ellen DeGeneres and Carson Daly attempt to soldier on in the face of a writers’ strike

  • Nadine Gordimer’s latest is a collection of stormy moments

  • It, you know, explains all those, er, pauses in everyday speech

  • Literature

    Steve Friedman finds poetry in the strange lives of sportsmen

  • Art

    CAC’s new exhibit takes sculpture into the future

  • Under-wraps holiday performance by Las Vegas Phil surprises audience