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  • Entertainment is at your fingertips at Mandalay's new center bar

    Diablo's Cantina $36

  • Miami's Opium Group to bring Prive to the people: a Weekly exclusive

  • Do you owe someone an apology?

  • The three essential elements of a healthy America

  • Adrian Tomine explores interracial relationships -- kinda -- in his new graphic novel

  • But not great -- terrific action scenes make up for wooden dialogue in We Own the Night

  • Brad Pitt turns in an Oscar-worthy performance

  • Rebel conductor reconfigures Wagner

  • Don Quixote's not easy, but NBT pulls it off

  • Two reality shows find new ways to demean contestants

  • DJ Name: Carlos Sanchez Real Name: Carlos Sanchez Genre: Deep house. Year: 07 - present;  Club: Downtown Cocktail Room, LV   Year: 07 - Present;  ...

  • Sin City's own Crystal Method return home to perform at Devil's Night 10