Get your cups in a row—this week it’s all about the booze!

The pool turns to whitewater as the crowd erupts to live house music spun by a famous DJ on a Rehab Sunday in August.
Photo: Tiffany Brown

Stretch and sip

Last week, Team Hangover raised a glass to toast Canyon Ranch as the first spa on the Strip to serve booze. Another celebratory round is in order for unique alcohol/exercise pairings, this time for Vino & Vinyasa! Lululemon Athletica Clothing hosted the community event November 6 at the Stirling Club at Turnberry Place. Yoga instructor Jaime Tan (aka Jada Fire) was accompanied by a team of Argentine drummers for a free 50-minute class that was open to the public. Following the expressive yoga session, attendees were treated to complimentary wine, hors d’oeuvres and a trunk show of yoga-inspired athletic apparel. If you missed it, Lululemon—which has a store at the Fashion Show Mall—will host another Vino & Vinyasa event in January. For future event information, visit


Absolut top shelf

We’ve seen the multitude of shows searching for America’s Best/Top/Next Somethingorother. But the most important reality-show competition of all is currently underway—the search for America’s top bartender. Sponsored by Absolut Vodka, On the Rocks appropriately chose our fair city to film the show, which premiered online just two weeks ago. Following a national search, three Vegas bartenders made the final 10. James “Franchize” Hadhazy from the Rio’s Village Bar, Amanda Gager from StripSteak at Mandalay Bay and Kristin Schaefer from T&T (Tacos and Tequila) at the Luxor are each competing for the “top bartender” title and $100,000. In true reality-competition fashion, On the Rocks comes complete with cheesy catch phrases: “Your drink is being refilled” to challenge winners; “This was your last call, your drink is finished” to those getting the boot. The mini-episodes are posted every Saturday on Lxtv.ontherocks, which also touts “Let the trash talking begin.” No word if an America’s Top Drinker show is being developed for Team Hangover to compete in.

Exposure: Vegas daylife

Burney, Rehab Pool Shooter

Rehab 5—that’s a wrap!

Just when people thought they could get away with peeing in the pool, Rehab: Party at the Hard Rock Hotel comes along. Airing Tuesdays at 10 p.m. on Tru TV (Channel 54 in Vegas), the hourlong show has come along in time for those of us missing the intoxicating smell of chlorine and beer breath. The show follows the Rehab staff and offers a behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to throw the quintessential Sunday pool party (and throw a few people out of the party) during pool season. “Rehab has garnered a reputation as the pool party in the world,” says senior VIP host Johnny Theiss. He adds that the response has been overwhelming, with over 1 million viewers during the premiere episode alone. Watch clips from Rehab online at Also watch clips from Operation Repo, where a woman in a prom dress repossesses an ice cream truck. They’re almost as entertaining.

Let’s get a little air

There’s simply no denying that humans need to breathe, and so does our wine. But who has time for decanting when there’s drinking to do? Named after the Venturi effect, which governs the works of all manner of taps (remember kegs?)—or, a semi-reptilian humanoid species from the Ventur system in the Alpha Quadrant, if you ask a Trekkie—the sleek and handy Vinturi takes a cue from Bernoulli’s principle, which states that as the speed of a moving fluid increases, the pressure within the fluid decreases. At the table or in the service station, the Vinturi speeds wine through its funnel, naturally infuses it with air and deposits it in your glass, ready to drink and properly aerated for a better bouquet and a richer, more flavorful mouthfeel. The Weekly had the opportunity to see (and taste) the Vinturi in action recently at Simon Restaurant, and we found the result to be as utterly delicious as it was successful. And then we went back for seconds. Get yours for $39.95 at

Licensed to spill

It’s official. No more of these otherfruitly, so-called Caipirinhas. The Brazilian Agriculture Ministry has laid down the law, publishing legal guidelines regarding the country’s national cocktail. To be called a Caipirinha, the drink must be composed mostly of cachaça (fermented and distilled, unaged sugarcane juice), crushed lime (at least one percent) and real sugar. Fancy-pants bartenders beware: made with fruit other than the lime, you have Batida, not a Caipirinha. According to the Associated Press, the Agriculture Ministry published the rules of imbibement in their official gazette last week to set “standards of identity and quality” for the popular drink, the name of which translates to “hillbilly,” or a Brazilian country bumpkin.


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