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Happy Birthday, Blush!

Your gift’s in the mail …

Illustration by Dan Sipple


Unfortunately, my presence wasn’t  present enough for  Blush’s first birthday, because I got stuck on the wrong side of the ropes. Even standing next to Jeff Beacher didn’t help me get inside, although he did tell the host he was distracted by my “beautiful face.” A consolation, but it took some time (and a little help from my friends) to get in. The 4,500-square-foot “boutique nightclub” was packed, with Mena Suvari, Neil Patrick Harris and Christopher Knight all sandwiched into a VIP booth. I chatted up hot and friendly Adrianne Curry and recommended a few nightclubs to Heath Burgett of Mosaic, also hot and friendly. Maybe next year I’ll get Blush a Best Buy gift card so they’ll let me in quicker.

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