Volts, right out of the blue!

Let the sunshine in.
Joe Fury/N9NE Group

Since everybody spends so much time worshiping the sun at Vegas pools, it’s high time our star gave us a little something in return. N9NE Group and the Palms agree, and they’ve found a way to use the sun’s energy for something more than the perfect tan. Unveiled during the property’s Earth Day celebrations, Las Vegas’ first solar-powered DJ booth is in place for this Friday’s 2009 inaugural Ditch Friday.


“Hangovers are like our body’s way of taxing us for what was probably a really good time, and—like the Internal Revenue Service—they have unlimited power to seize your day if you try to avoid them.”

As the DJ booth is a permanent structure, N9NE and the Palms are making a commitment to environmentalism that will last long after the excitement of Earth Day has died down. Joining in on the environmental cause, Palms Pool & Bungalows sponsor Miller Lite is even using completely biodegradable BIOflex vinyl banners for the promotion.

But what if—gasp—it’s cloudy?! The solar-powered DJ booth also has the ability to store energy and will continue working when it’s less than sunny. Now somebody just needs to come up with a dance-powered DJ booth to fuel all the post-sunset partying.


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