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Photo: Mark L. Olson

In the wake of a tragedy, the nightlife community came together on August 11 to rally around one of its own.

On May 10, nightlife entrepreneur Scott Frost (former GM of, now president of Titan Nightlife Group), 43, was off-road dirt-biking in the hills south of Henderson Executive Airport. He crested a rise only to find that it dropped off into a concrete drainage ditch. As he flipped over the handlebars, Frost’s full body weight—as well as the weight of his motorcycle—was compressed into his helmet, causing severe injuries to his neck and spinal cord. Frost was temporarily paralyzed from the neck down.

Surrounded by friends, colleagues and loved ones at Palms Place’s Simon Restaurant Tuesday night, Frost shook hands and spoke eloquently about his injury and the long, not-yet-clear road ahead. “I feel so blessed to see the sum of my relationships aggregated here tonight,” he said from his wheelchair.

Frost says that when he entered the hospital, his injury was classified as ASIA 1, meaning, according to the American Spinal Injury Association, that he felt and controlled nothing below his injury. Frost was obviously overjoyed to report that when he left the hospital on July 27, he was classified at ASIA 3, feeling sensation throughout his body and with the ability to move his limbs against gravity. His condition has only improved since them.

Looking to Chef Kerry Simon, Frost said almost playfully, “Hopefully, I’ll be walking into this place next year.” Also in attendance was Lt. Gov. Brian Krolicki.

During his rehabilitation, and with plenty of time to brainstorm, Frost hatched his idea for the Spine Injury Recovery Foundation (SIRF) right from his hospital bed to support families coping with similar injuries but without, Frost says, knowledge, access, hope and the incredible support system he has. After tonight’s fundraiser to help with his own considerable bills, Frost says all proceeds will be donated to SIRF.

SIRF’s first major fundraising event will be in keeping with Frost’s extensive background in the nightlife and entertainment industries. Forty sky-box tickets to Supernatural Santana September 9 at the Joint will be available, and will include the ticket price, food, liquor as the chance to meet with Carlos Santana.

Read a complete account of Frost’s injury, make a donation and stay informed of SIRF’s fundraising events at


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