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Wardrobe malfunction(s) Or: Why Deanna can’t own nice things

Illustration: Dan Sipple

Someone call What Not to Wear. Stacy, Clinton: I’m in need of a serious wardrobe overhaul. Especially since I ruined three key items in one night. Last Saturday, an attempt to forgo my usual jeans/tank top/flats combo led to disaster. First, I melted a hole in the top I planned on wearing while ironing it. Then I broke the heels off my favorite (and only) pair of boots. I tried to hot-glue them back together, but to no avail. Finally admitting defeat, I reverted back to the dull jeans/tank top/flats combo and jetted out of the house. Adding insult to injury, when I got to the club, the button on my jeans broke off.

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