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Most likely to win free money!

Illustration: Dan Sipple’s third annual “9-to-5: Because Partying Is a Full-Time Job” event took place at Jet Nightclub this past Monday, offering $5,000 in cash prizes to the winners of five office-related superlatives. While the categories wouldn’t exactly be flattering to most—even by Vegas standards—contestants threw pride to the wind and spent the week campaigning. N9NE Group’s J Roc beat Team Hangover’s own Deanna Rilling for “Most likely to be working while hung over,” and plans to spend his $1,000 wisely, by “making it rain.” Tao Beach’s Tony Paoli convinced everyone he was “Most likely to sleep with a tourist,” the Bank’s Levi Dowling is “Most likely to forget your name,” Lavo’s Larson Legris is “Most likely write a book of excuses,” and Light Group’s own Jenn Tramaglino is “Most likely to call in sick so she can hang out with a wealthy tourist for the weekend.”


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  • He’ll play three times this weekend—at EBC, XS and the Life Is Beautiful festival.

  • He just put the finishing touches on his next album and will likely tease new tracks at the festival and at Marquee.

  • Yes, he’s the son of Victor Drai, but he’s not the Vegas kid you might be imagining.

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