V Bar gets some love, turns 9

V Bar

A ninth anniversary is a rare milestone for a Vegas nightclub/lounge/place you go to get tipsy. Having done just that, V Bar is celebrating with a facelift. Amid a remodel completed in stages and finalized just before the New Year, the city’s first “ultralounge” is still going strong. Tucked away inside the Venetian near the Blue Man Group Theater, V Bar was created by the masterminds behind the stylish Sunset Room in Los Angeles and Lotus in New York City. V Bar’s makeover has installed new design elements to keep A.D.D. clubgoers interested after all this time.


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V Bar

In the early evening, backless stools line the length of the bar, but these are later removed to allow mingling and dancing, not just on the floor but on the new double-sided banquette seating in the VIP area, upholstered in rich chocolate fabric and ivory-colored faux reptile. And since you can’t have a hot spot in Vegas without some snazzy new technology, Sensitile LED-lit interactive table tops have been installed, which change in response to movement, shadows and color.


Team Hangover Tip of the Week
What’s in a (DJ) name?: A word to the wise among you up-and-coming DJs: brevity.
When deciding on a cool DJ alias, remember that it needs to go on fliers, be included in articles, etc. Long or cryptic names are a plain pain for designers and writers alike, and they take up preciously limited space. Yes, Double Down Charlie Brown, FunkyBadChad and $HR3D, we are indeed talking about you.

The DJ was formerly tucked away in a remote area to the left of the entrance, but a new booth has been added and moved to a more visible location in the main lounge area. Also, live video mixing on 50-inch plasma-screen televisions accompanies the DJ Thursday through Saturday. The new floor plan also features a zone-controlled audio system for those looking for a more secluded, quieter space in which to enjoy a Strawberry Basil-tini, Green Tea-ni, or Lotus Blossom off the new cocktail menu.

Fortunately, even with all the upgrades, V Bar still welcomes both locals and tourists seven days a week with no cover, no line and no dress code. And as an added bonus, there are half-priced cocktails from 5-8 p.m. daily.


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