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Decisions, decisions. The massive onslaught of Halloween parties is upon us. That means ladies must once again choose which naughty maid/cheerleader/insect/furry animal they’ll go to the clubs as this year, while guys debate the merits of dressing as Captain Jack Sparrow again or maybe Captain Kirk this time. If you aren’t sure how the costume-in-a-bag will look on you, let the ’net help you out this year before ordering your flame-retardant digs or heading to Costumes R Us.

Keep it classy on Halloween.

Keep it classy on Halloween.

Thanks to, you can now upload a photo of yourself and virtually try on costumes without ever having to strip down to your skivvies. Simply “place your face” in different costume options to see if the Officer Naughty Pants outfit is right for you. Need a second opinion? E-mail the image to a friend, and give them a heads up not to show up in the same outfit. Unfortunately, the ripped bods you’re pasting your face onto aren’t included with your order, so unless you count model or gym rat as your day job, the program probably won’t give you a good idea of what the costume will look like on you. That’s especially true if the one you’re interested in is the dude with a six-pack wearing nothing more than a thong resembling an elephant with a rather long—um—trunk.

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