Five questions with DJ Sasha (plus a few random ones)

DJ/producer Sasha

You’ve created productions that span from trance to minimal. What will you bring to Vegas when you spin at Pure on November 3?

I’m not quite sure yet. It really normally is whatever I get sent in the previous couple of weeks. You try and turn your DJ boxes over as regularly as possible and have the latest tracks. Whatever it is, I’ll be bringing new stuff.

Your classic 1999 EP Xpander was just rereleased. Might we hear some of those staple tracks in honor of its 10-year anniversary?

I’m very wary of getting into the whole classics, nostalgic tracks. When the moment calls for it, then it’s okay to pull out the old wand, but that record came out a long time ago. I feel quite old listening to it. The fact they’re re-releasing it after so much time makes me feel very proud that it’s stood the test of time; at the same time I like to try and look forward.

What was the decision behind the rerelease, and how does it differ from the original?

A lot of the old music just wasn’t available online. So they felt it was time to get with the program and rerelease a lot of that stuff digitally.

The Details

Sasha at Pure
November 3, 10 p.m., 731-7873
DJ Sasha

A lot of people submitted remixes, and unfortunately so many of them didn’t really scratch beneath the surface of the main riff in the record … The people that tried to do kind of a straight, updated club mix weren’t very inspiring, unfortunately. There are some new mixes on the way which are amazing, but as for the release, we’ve just remastered the original.

You’re known for experimenting with and embracing DJing technology. Is there anything new that currently interests you, such as the new Pioneer CDJ 2000 multi-format player?

I haven’t actually played with them yet, but they look fantastic. Definitely interested in playing with them as soon as possible. ... I’m still using my Ableton thing with my custom built controller, which I’m really happy with, but I’m definitely interested in getting a hold of the CDJs, the new ones.

For Winter Music Conference in Miami in March, 2010, do you have plans to reunite on stage with John Digweed to perform together again?

Yeah, we always do a big club show. I think we’ve already got Mansion confirmed and then we’ll be doing our boat party and maybe a festival thing, as well.

You’re a bit of a foodie. Do you have any favorite restaurants in Las Vegas?

The wonderful thing about Vegas is all the top chefs have come there and they’ve got an outpost there. ... The thing about Vegas is you’d need to spend about two weeks there to even scratch the surface of the restaurants. I never have to worry about eating badly in Vegas.

When you collaborate, how do you decide whose name goes first?

I don’t know; I guess it was always Sasha & Digweed—that’s how it worked out from the beginning. [Laughing] I guess whoever writes it down first.

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