Suiting up

Stay on the first wave of pool-party style

Sam Glaser


Trends: Ruffles, bandeaus, intricate detailing and bold prints. Watch for watercolors, Jackson Pollock-like paint splatters and cute-as-can-be polka dots. Native to: LA, New York, Brazil, Las Vegas Spot it: XS, Liquid, Palms Place Pool Shop it: Cosabella ($$$), Ella Moss ($$), Victoria’s Secret ($) Tips: Cover-up options add fun, sophistication. Browse cheaper brands to avoid suits everyone will wear. Pictured: Beach Sexy, Ruffle-Trim Bandeau top and bikini (


Trends: Metal, chains, rhinestones, tattoo art and acid-wash details Native to: South Beach, Las Vegas Spot it: Rehab, Palms Pool & Bungalows, Tao Beach Shop it: Beach Bunny ($$$), Syrup ($$), Guess ($) Tips: The Vegas tourist can border on Miami Beach style in a way that borders on Jersey Shore. Opt for rhinestone details, not rhinestones everywhere, to avoid the Snooki-look. Pictured: Beach Bunny Chain of Fools (


Trends: Tribal prints, exotic animal patterns and new twists on classic branding Native to: France, Italy, Brazil, LA, New York Spot it: Azure, Liquid, XS Shop it: Diane Von Furstenberg ($$$), Badgley Mischka ($$), Betsey Johnson ($) Tips: High-end designer clothing should have premium fabric. Loud logos are not your friend. Find unique designs with understated branding. Pictured: Vix Bia Snake Bikini (

Beach babe

Trends: Eye-popping colors and bright prints like jigsaw, mosaic, tropical, animal and floral. Native to: Orange County, San Diego, Australia. Spot it: Rehab, Palms Pool & Bungalows, Wet Republic. Shop it: Roxy ($$$), Insight ($$), Volcom ($). Tips: Surf brands set their own trends and offer fresh swimwear at modest prices. Many styles are made with performance in mind—made for beach sports, great for water fights. Pictured: Insight Leaps and Bounds Bikini (


Trends: Detailed artwork featuring women, angels, skulls, crosses and metallic foil Native to: LA, Miami, Las Vegas Spot it: Rehab, Wet Republic, Palms Pool & Bungalows, Tao Beach Shop it: John Varvatos ($$$), True Love False Idols ($$), Affliction ($) Tips: Don’t go overboard. Balance out bright, detailed board shorts with a plain white V-neck. Leave the Ed Hardy in 2009. Pictured: Remetee Ironfist Board Shorts (


Trends: Bold lines and texture, shorter cuts and modest branding. These men aren’t afraid to show a little leg. Native to: Italy, French Riviera, Monaco Spot it: Bare, Liquid, Azure Shop it: D&G ($$$), Diesel ($$), Hugo Boss, Zegna Sport ($) Tips: If you’re into Speedos, consider European-style shorts instead. They’re more appropriate for Las Vegas and offer an instant boost of approachability without showing off the goods. Pictured: D&G Stripe-Swim Trunks (


Trends: Stripes and plaids, geometric shapes, photos, collages Native to: Orange County, San Diego Spot it: Most pools Shop it: Insight ($$$), Matix ($$), Quiksilver ($) Tips: Mix tank tops, graphic tees or basic V-necks with patterned board shorts, Chucks, Vans or flip-flops for a casual and comfortable look. Pictured: Matix Ninja Whackjob Trunks (

’80s and ’90s retro

Trends: Bright colors with ’80s- and ’90s-inspired prints and pops of fluorescents with black Native to: LA, NY, Maui, Australia Spot it: Tao Beach, Wet Republic, Palms Pool & Bungalows Shop it: Warriors of Radness ($$$), Sundek ($$), Maui & Sons ($) Tips: If you’re trying the retro look, own it. Don’t stop with board shorts—consider neon Wayfarers, tanks, five- panel hats and fanny packs (if you dare). Pictured: Maui & Sons Boardshorts (

See something you like? Tell us which of these styles you think will rule the pool this summer in the comments section below.


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