The invasion has just begun with DJ/keytarist Joachim Garraud

How can you resist checking out DJ/producer Joachim Garraud and his keytar?

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Joachim Garraud (8/3/10)

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Joachim Garraud
August 6, doors at 10:30 p.m.
Surrender Nightclub (at Encore)
Nocturnal Admissions
Free podcast with Joachim Garraud
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Joachim Garraud

Vive la keytar! For the first time, French DJ, producer and songwriter Joachim Garraud is coming to Las Vegas, keytar, alien masks and Space Invader stickers in tow. At least that's the regular M.O. around the world for the man who's worked with the likes of David Guetta, Moby and Steve Aoki. Here's why you do NOT want to miss one of our favorite DJs live Friday at Surrender as he brings you new music from outer space (doors at 10:30 p.m.; $30 and up, local ladies free).

1. All the girls on Venus shake their tentacles to his tracks. You probably have, too.

I write songs for a lot of people like David Guetta. I co-produced and co-wrote the first three albums, which means songs like "Love Don't Let Me Go," "Love is Gone" and "The World is Mine."

2. He'll be bringing 100 percent dance-floor music from the spaceship to Vegas.

People from Vegas, If you want to know the truth, you have to come to see my show because WE ARE BACK (laughing). No, to be serious, just come to see something different than the other DJ sets. ... I cut the CD, stop the music, start to play a bassline, drop them from a classical DJ set to a live concert. ... I'm a little bit different than the other DJs because I'm trying to do an entertainment show by playing keyboard and having fun with some alien masks. ... I'm bringing a lot of new tracks especially because I'm just in the last part of finishing my new album that's going to be released on Dim Mak in the USA.


3. Space Invaders are back.

I chose a logo with pixels, and this one came from the Space Invaders [video game] from the '80s. If you look at this logo now, it's very me because it's universal — there's no question of race or religion, of male or female or alien. It's really for everybody. It looks happy; it's the sign of a community.

4. ZeMIXX is the only podcast that broadcasts on Earth the music from beyond.

Five years ago, I was the first podcast in France — in Europe — I was the first DJ to do a podcast. I'm very proud of that because I was a pioneer, the first one to propose a one-hour free mix every week for more than 280 weeks now. ... This is a free podcast for all the community of Space Invaders because this is very, very important for me to have this weekly meeting with the music. ... Every week, we have three different of each version of ZeMIXX. I do one in French, one in English — but sometimes my English is not so good — and one special for the podcast through my website.

5. Now you know the truth. And don't forget the keytar!

This is my trademark. A lot of people when they saw me on YouTube, they never saw me perform live. The first thing they came and said to me is, "Hey! Did you bring your keytar?" I say, "Yeah, I have my keytar with me." This is really what makes me different than the other DJs.

Joachim Garraud tells us the correct pronunciation of his name, what's up with Deadmau5's Space Invader tattoo and how to make your own shirt for the show in the latest Nocturnal Admissions podcast available for download here.

Music featured in the podcast from Toolroom Knights mixed by Joachim Garraud.

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